From somone else's outdated... everything you've always wanted!

Restored For You

The Traditional Options

The process of purchasing a home is complicated, and even more so for buyers who have a specific vision for their next home.  So far, these people have only had two options, both with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Option one: New Construction
This involves buying a vacant lot and putting up your own house, resulting in a home that meets your specifications exactly! However, after paying a premium to your builder you will probably be disappointed that your budget didn’t go as far as you’d hoped.  And your new home will likely have that “cookie cutter” vibe in a neighborhood that feels very unestablished.  

Option two: Buying an existing home
Buying an existing home is always more affordable and usually results in a house with more character and a more established location.  However, any character is often buried under years of neglect, shag carpets, pet dander, cheap paneling, outdated design ideas and someone else’s insane 70’s color scheme.  

When homeowners try to do the renovations themselves they frequently run into problems they are not equipped to handle.  Very quickly that modest budget becomes wishful thinking and the 3 month timeline turns into a 3 year nightmare.  Even when someone manages to get the job done relatively quickly and affordably, they may end up unsatisfied with the craftsmanship from themself, their friends and family, or the contractor they found on Facebook.

What is Restored For You?

Restored For You is our streamlined program which leads you through the entire process of transitioning from whatever your current living situation is into the customized home you’ve always wanted.

What Services Are Involved?

Client-Focused Real Estate Services


Our attentive team of realtors help you with the necessary sales of any current properties while also helping to locate and purchase the home we’re going to customize specifically for you.  Their years of experience and focus on customer service make these complicated transactions easy for everyone.  

A Talented Design Team

Our in-house team of designers walks you through the beautiful selections and features you’ve always wanted, while also introducing you to new trends and ideas you didn’t know were possible!  These designers work closely with our contractors to anticipate construction issues and maximize your renovation budget.

Contractors Who Focus On Quality

Our contractors have years of experience in home renovation.  They keep you in the loop as they bring your recently purchased property to life. There’s no problem they haven’t already seen and overcome.  They ensure that each job is done right so you have a home that’s not only finished beautifully, but is also a foundation that your family can rely on for many years to come.

What our client's love about Restored For You:

  • The seamless experience where real estate, design, and construction are all included and working together.
  • Being part of the transformation as vintage homes are brought to life with modern touches.
  • Shorter turn around times on renovation.
  • The option of bundling renovation expenses into home loans.

And most of all… their beautiful home when the whole process has finished, fully customized to their lifestyle and tastes!  

Ready to start the process? We are too! We can't wait to hear from you!